Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh Hey My Family!

Hey all you people!
So how are all the people doing that i love so much?! Great i hope. So i have to say that i am very tired right now. Who ever said that life would be easier with a car in absolutely crazy ha ha. I wish that i didn't have one. But hey whatcha gonna do ha ha. So this past week we had maybe 2 and half 3 days at the most in our area. The rest of it was all meetings ha ha. Not very fun. And since we live in Spain almost we have at least a 2 hour drive if not longer to get to most of our meetings. So ya i am excited that this week we will be in our area more and out of the car! But ya good times.
So right now in Portalegre we had a rough week this past week but then again we didn't have a lot of time there. But we still have some really cool investigators that are progressing pretty well. We have a young boy named Stoyan that is a Bulgarian and we are working with him on a baptism date and he is very close to that right now. we have plans on marking him for the end of the month. The real challenge with him is that we need his parents, who aren't members, to really support him and stay active. We want to baptize the parents as well but they need documents from Bulgaria to be able to get married. But we have a big hope for them that everything will work out for them. But they are really good with us and want their son to get baptized!  The other investigators that we have right now are Florbela and Geraldo. They are the parents of the recent convert here. Who actually just got the Melchizedek priesthood last week. but ya they are super close to accepting a date and we are working hard to get them ready. But they are our main investigators right now and we are trying to find new ones which is proving to be the hard part right now. But that's ok because it will all work out and be great.
So the weather here in Portalegre is super cold, well windy and always foggy. But i like it a lot here and am learning a lot with Elder Soutas. He is a great Elder and really knows why he is here. But ya that's about it with all the news from me. In other news though Happy Anniversary Devin and Kirsten. I am super happy for you both! And also Brittany i am stoked that your papers are in and that you'll get your call here soon!
But it sounded like you all had a great week and that you're all doing good. I feel like this super bowl was a crazy good one to see. Well i love you all and i am super happy to be out here right now. I learn that again and again everyday that i am out here. This is a sacred work. We are studying the Doctrine and Covenants right now and there is a part in Section 3 verses 1-3 that i think you all should read. the last verse says that God's work can not be frustrated but only man's can be frustrated. Or in other words what we try to do alone doesn't always work. But God's work always does and is always going forward. Hope that makes sense. Well hey i am just about running out of time but i love you all and i hope that you all have a great week and know that i love you all and pray for you all everyday! Until next week!
Love Elder Bascom

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