Monday, November 4, 2013

white washed.

hey guys, its brittany. sorry for the delay of posting. college has my time stretched pretty thin. but I will try to start posting weekly again. here's the elder's letter from two weeks ago (it helps explain things)::

So exciting and plain crazy news. We had transfers happen today. We found out last night that i will no longer be here in this zone. I will be going to Porto.
the address is:
Rua 9 de Julho
N' 195  3' Esq Frnt
Porto, Portugal 4050-436
It is crazy and i don't know how it's going to be because i have never done a white wash. We had just moved our house here in Monte de Caparica and now i will be going to the other part of the country. But also i will be training a new Elder! So ya i feel a little overwhelmed and don't know how i should react right now. I am sad to be leaving this area and all the people here, but that's normal to feel this way. So i will stay here until Wednesday and then i will go to Lisbon for training and to pick up my comp! then Thursday we will head out for Porto. Speaking about that. I am sorry to ask but i really need some money to get up there. I have enough to get to Lisbon but not enough to get there to Porto. So could you please put like 25 dollars on my card. I can get a reimbursement from it but i need money to get up there. And we don't get money until Friday. So if you could put a little on my card today or tomorrow i would appreciate it a lot! I am pretty excited to train but also nervous. My comp will be Elder Davis. I don't know anything more than that about him. Well i know that he is in the MTC right now. That is really weird to think about! I will be sad to leave Elder Barnhart. He is my favorite comp till now and an awesome Elder. We had a stake conference yesterday and i got to see all of my recent converts that were there! It was awesome. I found out that one of them went to the temple this past week! I was so excited to hear that Ana went! I will be  sad to not see them anymore as well but i heard that my new area is great and in an awesome part of town. I will be living in the same house as my last comp Elder Lima as well. Crazy huh. Well it sounds like you all are doing great and enjoying life. Tell Bishop Clement congratulations for me! I know that he will do a great job! I think that is all on my end. Please if you can put some money on my card and i love you all and hope you all have a great week and know that i love and pray for you all everyday! And if you wouldn't mind sendin a few more prayers this way for me i would be grateful. haha love you all
Love Elder Bascom

and his latest::

SO my family how goes it? Good i hope. So i am doing good. This whole new experience is hard, as in training and white washing here in Porto. So it is very beautiful here though and i love it but the people are a little ~bit more closed with us here. I am just about out of time today. We had a few things to do so i don't have much time to write but sorry about that. Happy B day Tiff and i love you all. This is going to be hard here but i am up to the challenge! My comp is Elder Davis from Provo Utah. He is really cool and has a great desire to work. The pictures are Elder Barnhart and me, Elder Davis and me. and me eating fransizinhas. Amazing sandwich! I love you all and sorry this is short but you all have pictures so hopefully that makes up for it. Tchua and have a great week you all.