Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey Y'all

Hey my Family, whatś going on?

So I want to say that my last 2 p-days were super crazy and that i am sorry i didn't write more. So two weeks ago was transfers and i was with the office elders trying to help get everyone where they needed to go, so i didn't have time to write. They said i could email but it was already a little after the time so i decided to just write a little letter thinking that next week would be better and i could write more. But then last week i had to go to Santarém and oh ya i don't have the car here because i had some complications getting my license because i just renewed my residency and have not received the new card yet and in order to get my license i have to have my residency card. But that should hopefully get here this week also one more thing with that. I need like 30 euros to pay for the license here. I had that much but had to spend it on transport. And that was all of my personal money that i had. Because things are much more expensive here without a car ha ha. And ya i have had to get a medical test done and then had to pay for that driving record to be able to switch out my license. But hopefully it should be taken care of soon! Ya they say that we have to pay like the first chunk of our license with personal money that is why i am asking for a bit. Sorry i don't like having to ask for it. But if you could put in some money i would really appreciate it.

Other than that my comp is Elder Bishop still don't have a photo but I'll send one next week. he is from Manti and is from a family of 12 kids. He is pretty cool and we are working good together. If you have any other questions about him feel free to ask. 

As with other news we are getting more people in church which is great because i found out that in order to have a branch we need 4 priesthood members and also 20 in sacrament meeting. We have 2 priesthood holders right now with a 3rd on the way here soon and 13 people in sacrament meeting. So we are pretty close to getting a branch. The hardest is getting enough people in church. We have also marked the husband of Florbela for baptism! He is marked for the 25th of May Britt's birthday! So it will be awesome. He is already super ready for it. He has made changes all on his own and really understands what this will mean for him! He is an incredible guy and it will be awesome to see that family even more united! Other than him we have a few investigators that are progressing and I'm excited to see what happens with them. Our recent converts are doing great and are helping this area grow and become stronger. We are working with Carlos to get the priesthood which will be really cool! Things here are pretty good at this moment! 

The Weather is still crazy and has been pretty rainy until yesterday and the sun came out and is still out today which is very nice! So we are going to play some basketball after we get done here! It's going to be fun. Oh ya i have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRODY!!!!!!!!!!! I love you buddy and hope you had a great birthday! Also a big congrats to Tiff and Jamie! Charlotte looks super cute and i hope that all is going good with her and with Tiff. I am glad to know her name now, because before i had to just say baby but now i know her name which is pretty cute! Can't wait to meet her and also Kapri and Jake! 

Well i think that is about everything that i can think of right now to say. But I love you all and hope you all have a great week and know that i love you all! 

Love Elder Bascom

P.S. Hopefully this letter makes up for the 2 short letters i sent ha ha!