Monday, February 24, 2014


So this week was great!! For one i finally finished Jesus the Christ and i can tell you that really Jesus is our Savior and i am so grateful for him. I have no idea how many times that i received a stronger testimony about him and a greater desire to serve and give it my all out here in the mission. If you all need a book to help you get your priorities in order or just want an incredible book to read Jesus the Christ is it. I know that this is his Church established on the earth today! I am grateful for this knowledge and hope you all enjoy it as well.
I want to thank you all for the prayers sent this way for Stoyan! The baptism went through and it was awesome! I am so happy for him. The water was pretty cold but it was a great experience to get to baptize him. The weather was great for the baptism and then like an hour after it started to rain. And it was a big miracle that the weather was good because recently it has been not very good. But ya Stoyan is 8 and this next week will be the first official member of his family! He is a smart kid that really knows his stuff. And has a big desire to learn and will be as great member here in Portalegre. We are still working with a few other right now on baptism and trying to teach and find more people to teach. But we had a big blessing and got to find a few more people and they seem really cool and interested in the gospel. But ya the high light of the week was definitely the baptism that we had. It was great and i am just super happy right now.
Other than that i can't really think of anything else that is worth telling you all about. I miss having an area where we walked everywhere. The mission is a lot easier that way. But y ai love being here adn want to make sure i give it all i got for the rest of the mission. Glad to hear that life is going good for all of you and it seems like you're all happy and have a busy schedule. Oh ya i didn't know that Riley is going on a mission or if you already told me i forgot. But where is she going to? Tell Kayce good luck for me if you see him before he goes in and that i know he'll do great on the mission.
Well i love you all hope you all have a great week and know that i love you all a lot and hope you're all happy and enjoying life! Até proximo semana.
Amo-vos Elder Bascom
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 Geez.... This kid has some serious spelling errors. Some things never change! Gotta love him!

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