Monday, March 31, 2014

Hey Hey how y'all doing?‏

So this week especially the weekend was great! First off the baptisms happened! Carlos and Florbela were baptized! It was awesome. Thanks to all of you who prayed for them! It helped a lot. I am sending a few pictures with this as well so you can see how it all looked. So it wasn't very good weather yesterday and it was really foggy and raining a little bit, but as we left and were on the way to the reservoir i thought hey we should pray and ask for good weather because we didn't want to have it be raining during the actual baptisms. So my comp said ya go ahead. So i started to pray and the moment i started to pray it started to get sunny and stopped raining! It was incredible. They sky before was just gray, but when i prayed with my comp in the car a hole started to open up in the clouds and get bigger and bigger! By the time we got there the hole in the clouds was huge. It didn't stay sunny during the whole baptism but it was super cool and didn't rain until we ended and were heading back to the cars! So it was a pretty cool experience and showed me that God really doesn't hear and answer our prayers! It was great and was just awesome! So ya i had to tell you all about that.

Dad i don't know a Sister Gutierrez. I haven't heard of her before. Or at least i don't think i have. So it sounds like life is going good for all of you and that every one's happy. I am loving the mission and so happy to be out here and serving. The area is still a little hard and we are just working to do better and finding the leadership for the Group. We need 4 Melchizedek priesthood members and right now we have 2. With one more that was baptized yesterday. So hopefully here is a few months we can baptize another and get him the priesthood and then we will have a branch out here in Portalegre! But we have the husband of Florbela that is super close to getting baptized as well and with him we can have the forth that we would need! Other than that things are going good out here.

The weather out here is still pretty bad and raining like crazy. Today is has been raining a lot! But I am hoping it gets better because we want to play some basketball here and it's not as fun in the rain ha ha. i think it's crazy that Tiff is getting so close to having the baby and that mom and dad are going out there so soon! It will be super cool and i know that it will be great for you all. Well i am trying to think of anything else to say but can't really think of what else i should say right now and so i think that i will let ya all go. So i love you all and have a great day and week! Thanks for the emails and i pray for you all everyday!

Love Elder Bascom

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