Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey all you people.

So hey everyone how you doing? I am doing great here in Portalegre. This place is like nothing i have ever known. We have a car but it is honestly a little annoying having a car and i would rather walk. But it does help with some things so ya... But this area is about 4-5 and a half hours of travel from Porto. so it took a while to get here but at the same time we took a wrong turn getting here. It is in the middle of Portugal but very close to the border of Spain. We have signs all around us saying that it's like 20-30 kilometers from Spain. So ya it's fun. But my Comp is the other elder in the Picture. He is a way cool elder and so far i am loving this area. He has a year and a half or so on the mission. he trained one of the Elders that came in with me. But ya he is way cool and i am loving this chance to work with him.
So Portalegre is a super small town. And when i say small town i mean small town. Our group has about 10 people that come every week. This is including us missionaries and any investigators that show up there. But it's fun. I have to sing really loud with Elder Soutas because not very many people there know the hymns or can follow them. So ya it's hard because i am not the best singer as you all know. But it is fun all the same. We had a great week here our first week. We had higher numbers here than Elder Soutas had in all the rest of the time that he was has here. So that made me happy and they were a lot higher that what we both thought that they should be but i won't complain because we worked very hard. the work here is very different and a little bit harder. But we're excited and up to the challenge. It is actually very cold here and that is saying something because i have not been col in other areas.

The pictures are of a hair cut and me and Elder Soutas. Sorry can't write more the Internet went down and so i am only able to write this. but love you all and hope you all have a great week. 
Love Elder Bascom
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just a side note... I (Brittany) am turning my mission papers in tomorrow and can not be more excited about it!!! can't wait to join this lovely elder in the work! hoorah for isreal! God speed the right!!

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