Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Hey Guys what's going on?

So mom to answer your question no the package were not opened. They didn't look opened and it looked like the original tape that you all put on it. So ya we are all good there!. So Mim HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few days late but hey this happy birthday is sent from Portugal! That is pretty cool. Glad to hear that everyone is doing good though.

So life here is going good. We had a good week and also a not so good week. But all in all it was great because it's the mission! Nothing better than that. Well the weather here has been rain! Lots and lots of rain. But thats ok and we are excited when it rains. So right now we have a few investigators that are really cool that we are working with. Helena is one we have had for a while and we have been teaching her for a while but now she is really understanding what the church is offering for her and her family. She is very cool and really has a ton of potential! Also we have a man named Carlos that has been looking into a lot of churches and has started to talk with us alot more and it was really cool to see the way he started to talk with us and how he is right now. He is getting a ight into his eyes and is really liking what we are sharing with him. We have a few moer aswell but still have some work tro do with them. But ya it's great here and i love it!

So this morning we went and played basketball. thte game 21. And my comp is a baller and won 2 of the 4 games! I won the 3rd game and Elder Hartman one of the other elders in our house won the 4th. But it was a blast. But man are we all out of shape. We are all walking a little slower right now and it's just funny. But it was an absolute blast and made this day start off great. So we have transfers this next week and i have no idea what is going to happen. Because Elder Davis and i both have 2 transfers here in Porto together so most likely one of us will leave but who knows. I haven't stayed in the same area for more than 2 transfers so i think that i might be leaving. But ya sorry just thoughts going through my mind right now. Fun stuff.

Well i just want to say that i love you all alot and hope you all have a great week. And enjoy the pictures.
1. The Back of the Jerseys that Elder Hartman and i have. 
2. The front of the Jerseys. They are rivals
3 and 4. Pictures of the huge amount of rootbeer that we made!!!!!!! It was really good adn we still have like 4 bottles! Great stuff.
Well love you all!

Love Elder Bascom
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
Inline image 5
i'll never understand this kid's obsession with his rootbeer. gotta love him though.

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