Monday, December 16, 2013

Oí minha querida Família!!!!!

Hey you people there in Utah! What's going on?! So life is going pretty good here and we are loving life. We have some very cool investigators right now. One that is a mom named Helena with 2 children. She is awesome and has a great desire to learn. We taught the plan of salvation and she loved it. We want to try and mark for for baptism this week and continue meeting with her. I got a letter from Bishop Clement and from the young men or the priests. Can you tell them thank you for me and that i will respond soon to the questions that they had. But ya we still are looking for more solid investigators and for people who will progress better and that are more solid investigators.

So today we had a 2 zone Christmas conference and party. It was really cool and we got a great meal form the sisters in my ward. Oh ya i have a dinner on the 24th and i am super excited for this because it will be amazing. Then on the 25th or Christmas all of us missionaries are probably going to come and eat with us on Christmas and it will be like a big lunch. So it is starting to get cold here now. It is especially cold with all the wind. But this is only at night. When it is light out side it is very warm and almost hot.  So ya that is pretty nice. I have been sick with a cold or something like that for the past week. It isn't bad or anything just super annoying and it seems like it is getting better right now. So i am happy.

Well it sounds like everyone is running their tails off working right now. So hopefully you will all finally have the chance to take a break and relax here soon. I know that i would sure like to have one. Well sorry but i think that is everything that i can think of right now. Oh ya you all need to  tell me when you want to talk on Christmas so that way i can be ready to talk and have it all planned out. So i love you all and hope you all have a great week and know that i am praying for you all! 
Love Elder Bascom

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