Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's already December??

So I don't know what is happening to this year. It is already gone or just about gone. So my thanksgiving was a good one. We actually had a meal with a member so that was cool. And we woke up in the morning and we went to go throw around a football!!!!! That was the best part. But also today we went to a Brazilian Buffet and it was all you can eat! :) A missionary's favorite words when your hungry, ALL YOU CAN EAT!!! But Ya Thanksgiving was great and it was  a great chance to think about the things that i am really grateful for in my life. Principally the gospel and each one of you. I am so blessed to be here in Portugal right now and to be able to share the gospel with the people here in Porto.
Elder Davis is doing good. He is a great Elder and is working Hard. We have a few investigators that are progressing but it is still some really hard work. But we are up to the challenge and excited to work here. We had a family history presentation in the street. It was really cool. I have to thank all of you that have already done so much of our family history. I was able to show a fan chart of our family history to the people in the street and it was very helpful and made a lot of people very interested in learning more. Did you know that we have a line that goes to 1230 B.C.?! that is crazy! It was super cool to find that out. I want to start doing it for our family as well and see if i can find more people in our line. 

So earlier today we went out and explored a little bit here in Porto so the pictures that i am sending are all of Porto. It was really cool to go out and really see how beautiful this country is and also how old it is too! We went into an old cathedral that was crazy big and really cool. It was weird because of all the different pictures they have but it was cool just to think of how old it really is. I hope that you all enjoy seeing a little bit of this beautiful city!

As this year is coming to an end i have been thinking a lot about what i have done with this year and what more i could have done. I know that i could have and should have done much more. But right now i can't change this past yer but i can use this year to help me remember that i can do better that i can give more. It is the same for all of us. We have so much potential that we don't even know about. But Heavenly Father knows what we can do. He doesn't expect us to do the impossible but he does expect a lot from all of us. So a challenge i got from Dad is to reflect on this past year and see what we could do better and how we are going to do these things better. I have started doing this and i can say that i am starting to see a difference in my life and in this work. I still have a really long way to go but i am excited and ready to give it my all. We have one chance at life; let's take advantage of it and use it to have no regrets in our lives. One of my favorite quotes that many of you know is "Leave it all on the Field." I know that that came from football but it has stuck with me throughout my life. Don't let fear, doubt or anything else stop you or us from reaching our full potential that is our destiny to achieve. 

Well i want all of you to know that i love you all and am truely grateful for your love and your examples that always have guided me throughout my life. Your the best of the best! Have a great week and i will pray for all of you!
Love, Elder Bascom
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