Monday, July 1, 2013

happy 20th!!!

So how y'all doin? Pertty good I'm reckonin. haha love you all and i had to you my red neck speech. So things are crazy right now. And mom your thoughts somehow are always what i need. I have not gotten the package yet, but i should this week like Tuesday - Thursday time frame. But ya and thank you for the b-day gift i am excited for that. I am planning on using it for something really cool. But i don't know what for yet. So i am still the district leader. But my district is now half of the size that it was. Also i kept my same comp and we white washed an area where the sisters were. So right now nobody wants to talk with us in the new area. But we did have a baptism yesterday of an eight year old boy named Rafael. He is super cool. and i got to baptize him! it was really cool. But i don't have any pictures of it. And if you would all pray more for me to have patience i would love that. Because i will need alot with my new ward. Because there is drama here. But other than that it is all great. My new area is in Almada and super cool. We have a part that is right next to a giant river and the ocean! So i can't complain about the scenery. SO it is crazy to think that for the first time in my life i wont be having my birthday with all of you. And no fireworks! That will be a little hard to bear. but i think i will live. Because then i just think holy cow i am in Portugal. And that usually helps with a lot of stuff. So this past week had a few rough spots. We had a guy say that we don't believe in aliens then tried to push me alot and just argue saying that we are stupid and have no reason to be here. Also he kept saying what are you selling and it was super strange. He was drunk for sure. And then we tried to leave and he ran up after we were leaving and stopped us and pushed me again. Then we just said we are leaving you don't want anything so bye. Little crazy and just a weird guy but i stayed calm for the most part with him. Until he pushed me then it was really annoying. But i didn't do anything to him. So ya fun mission life. But i wouldn't trade this time for anything. and then we had another guy that wouldn't stop arguing with my zone leader when we were on a split. But with that time i was 100% calm and was super proud of myself that i didn't get annoyed or anything. And in the end it was actually a good talk with that guy. But ya i am learning alot of patience right now. But i am grateful for that. But i want you all to know that i love you all so much and i have the best support and Family in the entire world. The church is true the book is blue and i love Portugal! I hope you all have a great day and know that i am praying for you all everyday!
Love Elder Bascom
Sorry that it isn't super long but i don't have a ton of time. Love you all and know that you all are the best!!
elder bascom is turning 20 this week!!!! so of course i had to give him a happy birthday shout out! cant believe my brother is all grown up! so proud of him and all that he is doing! love you elder!!
xoxo, britt
my all time favorite picture of the mission. what a lucky guy. i sure do miss him.

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