Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey Family,

So hey this week was a great week. We found this really elect lady. Here name is Iolanda and her daughter Jessica. So we taught the first lesson and gave her a book of Mormon. And the way that we found here was that she came to the church and said that she wanted to have the lessons by the missionaries. So ya way cool! Then after the first lesson we invited her to pray about the book o Mormon and read 3rd nephi 11. So we called the next day and she said that she felt amazing after she prayed and that she was really happy. So we already had marked a next visit. Then we marked her for baptism for the 7th of July. it was really funny because when we were marking her she just kept saying yes and so we just kept asking the question so we could say the date. But it was  really cool and she is so elect. Also i sort of got transferred. My area got switched with one of the other areas in my district. So my new area is in Alamda. But the weird thing is that i will sleep in the same house and have to take a train to my new area every day. But it will be kinda hard to do all of this. But oh well and that's mission life. Also in my district i had the zone leaders and two groups of sister missionaries wow that was hard to think of in English haha. but now its just me, my comp Elder Harris we stayed together so we both have finally had a comp for more than 1 transfer. and then just one group of sister missionaries. So ya its alot smaller now. So i am pretty sad to not be in my old area any more because the people there are really awesome and i don't want to leave because we have alot of great investigators. But i will do my best to work and give my all in the new area. So ya that is my crazy life right now. But its good and i will see all of the people on Sundays because we have the same church building so that is really cool. And for all of you life sounds crazy but at the same time good. And Dad is everything going to be alright with your Elbow?! i hope so and i will pray more for you! But that is exciting that Kirsten and the kids are up in the house right now. It was great to hear from you all and i love you sorry this isn't super long but ya i don't have a ton of time. But i love you and hope that you are all doing great! And by the way is it hot there right now? Because here it is crazy with how hot it gets everyday! But ya things are great right now. Probably will be a little crazy for a while but still it will be fun. and hey i am on a mission right now in Portugal! Doesn't get much better than that! Love you all and have a great day!

Love Elder Bascom

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