Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 7 months!!

Hey y'all!
So how's my family doing? Hopefully great! So it does sound like everything is going a little crazy. But things here are doing pretty good for me. Being a district leader is still hard but i am starting to get the hang of it right now. So that is kinda nice and i don't feel super stressed. The only crazy thing is that i am in the last week of this transfer already. I can't believe that. I can't believe how fast the mission is passing. But its also cool to see how long i have already come from where i was when i first got here. but also i have alot that i still need to do in order to be at where i should be. I have some worries about this next transfer because i might leave and i really don't want to because this area really is amazing! Oh ya and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD, KAMERON, DEVIN, and JAMIE. I love you guys and hey thank you all for the examples that you set for me. And here i actually had forgotten that yesterday was fathers day. And we ate at the house yesterday. We had sandwiches and ice cream haha. It was a very nutritional meal. I am pretty jealous of what you all ate. It sounded amazing. I hope that you send me some or keep some of the elk until i get home. Or get another one right before i get home. And ya it sounds like it was a super nice day and really chill. Nice day to spend with the family. So i can't believe that Brad is already in the MTC and starting the mission. I feel like it was so long ago and that i can barely remember it. So hey how did all of the preparation go for YWs camp? I hope that everything ended up working and that it wasn't too stressful. And how are all of the movings going with the great room for Dev and Kirsten? and how are all of the babies and kids doing? It was awesome to see all of them last week in the pictures. And ya that whole first 7 months went by crazy fast. And i will be hitting 6 months here in Portugal next month. I am just trying to make sure that i am working hard and i do the things i should to work the best i can. And i can't believe that everyone is coming home already that was gone. Also that everyone younger is starting to go on their missions. How is it that people are growing up so fast. I don't think that i ever actually thought about how fast things would happen. Especially since i would have wanted to learned more and taken things more seriously. So also tell that to anyone that is wanting to serve a mission that they can actually think about that and realize that things pass by way to fast. Well really though on my end things are great and i love it out here. It is the hardest thing that i have ever done but also the most worth while i have done also. Like when it comes to seeing how people can change and turn for the better. Also it is really fun to meet crazy people. I have met alot of people who really don't like the USA and i think that's funny. But that is one of the best things about being in a different country. Also the 3 girls that we baptized aer so awesome and are super strong members right5 now and they just are like sponges wanting to absorb everything they can. Also it was really cool to see that Ana the lady we baptized last transfer she got a calling and it was super cool to see that actually happen. She is one of the coolest people in Portugal and is going to be one of the strongest members here. Ah it is so cool to see people change adn to know that i got the chance to help with that. Well i love you all and i hope that you all have a great day adn remember that i really do love you and think about you all and pray for you all everyday. Love from a crazy elder in portugal. Remember that times go by quick but that we have got to enjoy them while we have them!
Elder Bascom


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