Monday, July 8, 2013

happy 20th elder.

So how it is going family? So my week was hard. This new area is kicking my butt to be honest with you all. But i like it still. Just really hard because we white washed it and sometime i have no idea what to do. But i am planning a lot more to help with that so hopefully that helps.  So the forth of July was a good day! We had ice cream at night time. Also i went to the doctors office because i was peeing blood a little bit. But the said that by the symptoms i was not having anything serious. But they said that they would run some tests. another day. But then i stopped and i haven't had that happen for the past few days and no symptoms what so ever so i will not have to go back which makes me excited haha. But in other words we sang the nation anthem like 4 times on the forth. It was a lot of fun. And right now in my area it is like 100-105 degrees everyday. Sometimes 108. Kinda stinks to be wearing pants shirt and a tie everyday. But that is part of being a missionary. And we have a match stick cupcake for the 4th of July. Which is a lot of matches tapped together and then you light the tops on fire and it gets big for like 3-5 seconds and then really small. So it was cool. Also an espada de fogo. Fire sword translated. So you wrap a ping pong ball in tin foil and light it on fire it shoots out fire for like 30 seconds and spins in a circle. It was cool and unexpected. Then for my birthday we had Burger King and some food with my district as well. So double lunch! and i drank a ton of water and sweated like crazy. I do not like the heat here!!! But it was a good day. I got a cake and a tie from one of my recent converts and her son that live in Miratejo. They surprised me with it! So that was super cool. Oh ya every night i have to sleep with a fan on me so i can actually sleep. Along with the other missionaries in our house. So we each have a fan that is just for us to use to try and not get too hot during the night! fun stuff. But life here is awesome or was yesterday we baptized two of our old investigators from the Miratejo area, Iolanda and her daughter Jessica. Sad that they weren't in our area after the transfers but really cool that Elder Harris and i got to baptize them. After the daughter Jessica walked up to us and said thank you for being the first ones who brought us the message. But really we didn't do anything. Because they were prepared by God and i know that with everything in my heart! But it was still really cool. And also i found an old addiction here... Orange Juice!!!!!!!!! I drink that stuff all the time right now. And i forgot how much i loved it! But today we went to a mall and i found my birthday present from you all! A new Portugal soccer Jersey! So i just would like to say thank you to everyone and that i really like it a lot. And mom i didn't spend it all in one place i still have a bit left over! But ya my Birthday was great i had fun. Strange to not spend it with you all and to also be in a different country but at the same time it was super cool to realize that i was in Portugal for my birthday! So all in all it was really cool! I love you all and i am happy to hear that life is going crazy for all of you. Because that means that life is good. But i pray for all of you every night and i hope that everything is going great for you all. Have a great day and know that i love you all a lot! And those pictures of the count down are crazy! I feel like i shouldn't have that much gone already. Kinda crazy.
Love Elder Bascom

PS everyone here says my name is Bascon or Bacon. So it makes me laugh and at least everyone loves Bacon haha.
PSS i want to see the great room or is it a surprise until i get home?

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