Monday, July 29, 2013

Oí whats going on my family?
So i am tired! This week was crazy. We have been working in all of Almada
this past week. So we have been running around all week. I just have been
looking forward to today for a little rest. So Baseball last week was the
funnest thing ever! We are going to play again today. I woke up the day
after though and i just wanted to cry. My body is not used to playing
sports haha. But it was really cool. So life out here for me is going good.
Really hard at times but good. I am kinda of hoping for a change though
from this upcoming transfers. It has been hard with this companion to work
hard and diligently. I am constantly trying to fight with myself to want to
work harder. And that is making it hard to stay focused. It has really been
making me think about why I am really here. So i am trying to just do
things even more obedient with everything to help me stayed focused and
working. But i am happy to be here on a mission. That much i do know. It
just is the hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life. I miss the old
atmosphere in Utah where it was just so easy to find good people and
surround yourself with them. Here it is different but there still are those
people here. Just are harder to find them. But one cool thing that has been
happening a lot is that most people here are saying that my Portuguese is
really good. I was excited when people said that. Well ya not a lot has
happened this week. Sorry that this is so short. But i am doing good thank
you for the prayers and for everything you all are amazing and i am
grateful for everything that you all have done for me! I am glad to hear
that you all are doing good and i hope that your all loving life and here
are a few pictures from baseball haha. Hope you like them. Also we found a
submarine in Cacilhas which was super cool. They just have it there on
display! Way cool. But ya I love you all And i really am glad to be out
Elder Bascom


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