Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a quick update

Sorry that we haven't updated in a while! Life got pretty crazy around the Bascom house... But i'm sure that you'll all be happy to know that our sweet elder in Portugal is doing great! Here's his latest email and a little bit more about what he does everyday::

Como Vão?

I am doing great here in the Açores! The work has been really slow because alot of people have been canceling on us and that has made it slow. But a typical day here for me is Wake up at 7 or 6:45 and work out. Eat at 8 then study at 8 30 till 11 30 then we work from then until 1 and we have lunch and then language study for an hour. Then we go back out at 3 and work and try to eat dinner at 5 but that usually never happens. And we go back to the house at 9 30 or 10 at the latest. Then bed time is at 11. It is alot of fun and also a lot of work. I mostly eat rice or noodles with every meal and then meat and what ever we have in the house to drink haha. We eat out maybe two times a week and we get like one or two member meals every week which is awesome! We walk everywhere here. We have a bus to take us to like 2 or 3 places but other than that we walk everywhere. But i think we only walk like 4-6 miles a day so not alot. So i haven´t seen any new missionaries yet because i am on the Açores. But i think that we have new missionaries here now. The work will hopefully speed up this week. But i will be in Angra all day tomorrow and part of Wednesday because my comp will be in Lisboa for training. It is warming up a little here but it has rained everyday this week. And when it rains it is either lightly sideways rain or heavy sideways rain. It makes no sense at all but ya that is Portugal i guess. They have sweaters here and they are around 12-15 euros to buy. So not to much and so i would like to get at least one if that is ok. That is really exciting that you get to go and see Tiff and all them this month! Tell all of them hi for me! I hope that everything is going good up there and that is way cool that you all get to see Dev too! I hope that your first event goes well and that you all take a deep breath and enjoy it all haha. It is kinda weird thinking that i wont be there for it. But that is ok and it will go great! I am way excited for all of you with the coming of Kam and Mims baby. I want some pictures when it comes! Well that is it for me i think. I love all of you so much and i want you all to know that because of you i am here and am the person i am today! Love you!


Elder Bascom 

Elder Bascom and his new companion, Elder Berg::

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