Thursday, March 14, 2013

4 month mark.

Oí Família
So you should have Kam write me and tell me what his little kid is! I would like to see some pictures of this little kid too. So right now the mission is interesting. We are trying to go out and find new people that we can teach but at the same time we have to try and reactivate all of the old members that aren't active to make our branch bigger. Mainly we are looking for preisthood members so when the military downsizes the base our branch can still stay here. But its ok i have faith that we will still have a branch here in Praia. So we have been teaching a couple and i still don't know how it is going really. Because he has alot of strange ideas about how things are but they aren't bad things by any reason. But in the end i think that José and Celest will get baptized which would be awesome. I am sort of struggling with my comp right now. He is a very perky and always talking kinda person. And as you know that is not really my style of always talking haha. And ya i don't know i just have a really hard time trying to like him, but i know that it's not his fault and that I am really the one who should change not him. So i have some work to do with that. The weather here has really sucked lately. It is really cloudy and also it is raining for most of the day here. But I like the rain. It would be nice though to have some sunshine after just having clouds these past few weeks! So how has the weather been out there for y'all? Tell Bro. Vincent congrats for me and that i am super happy for him. Also tell Bro. Melville hi as well and that i hope everything is going well for him as well! And that is cool Dad that you and Sterling are home teaching companions! Tell him hi also for me please and thank you! I am very jealous that you got to play with Korbin and Brody! I miss those little guys alot! GIve them a big squeze for me! I have started to gain a little bit of weight here. But i am still under the 200's so it looks like i have to start working out a little harder. Maybe putting a few more Books of Mormon in my back pack everyday too haha. Tell the claypools hi for me. And that i am doing great and that i hope they are aswell. Also that is crazy that Jeff gets home this week! Tell him hi for me too. Well i think that is about it for this week. I love all of you so much and i am blessed to have all of you as family! Até proximo semena!
Elder Bascom 

I think he's starting to miss some people... CRAZY that he's been out 4 months today!!  

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