Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today's the Day.

Elder Bascom's fare well was on Sunday November 11. He shared his sweet sweet testimony of loving our Heavenly Father. His testimony radiates through everything he says and does. Many family members and friends were there supporting him, and he even got to speak with his life-long best friend, Elder Blake Gale. They will both be entering the MTC today.

Elder Bascom got set apart to be a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints last night. His very first companion was his dad, Kevin. He was surrounded by his loving family and even had a couple siblings on the phone. We can't wait to see how well he does on his mission and are so grateful for his loving spirit that he has. This last night having Elder Bascom with us has definitely been a bitter sweet one! We are so so excited to have him go and devote the next two years to serving the Lord, but we will miss him dearly. We told Brody, one of his nephews, to go give Elder Bascom a hug before Brody left last night, and he just walked around so confused until we told him that was Ryan's new name. He gladly gave him a hug and kissed him one last time. It's been hard watching the family say their goodbyes; Tiffany on Sunday, Devin on Monday, and Kameron last night; and me, Brittany, having a hard time all three nights:) But we all are so so happy for the choice he has made and the example that he is setting! The people of Portugal are definitely blessed to be getting such a good young man!

We love you Elder Bascom and will see you in two! (or maybe three -Brittany)

All the Bascom Boys: Kameron, Devin and Elder Ryan Bascom

Elder Bascom and Dave, Devin's Friend

Two best friends, and their bishop

Elder Gale and Elder Bascom

Jaren, Elder Bascom, G & G Karr

Brittany, Brody, Kameron, Elder Bascom, Kathy, Korbin, Kevin

Elder Bascom and G & G Bascom

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