Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 1.

It was definitely a bittersweet day as Elder Bascom entered the MTC on Wednesday, November 14, 2012. He spent his morning finishing up packing and writing some letters to his family. It was hard for me to watch him get ready to go. Kameron came and spent the day with mom, dad, and me. He had never got to have the Provo MTC experience, so he wanted to tag along. That was definitely a blessing and helped each of us feel more at ease.
Ryan's "Last Supper" was of course Jdawgs. Couldn't leave without having one last dawg! I swear that kid could live off of those things. When the time was getting closer to 12:30, you could see how jittery and excited he was getting. He honestly couldn't wait to get into the MTC and start his work. When we pulled into view of the MTC he was ecstatic! His grin literally was from ear to ear. We pulled up to the curb, he got out, tried to snap a couple pictures, gave some final hugs and he was off. Of course mom and i were crying, but even dad was too! He has such a tender heart! ;) but we sure do love him! Watching Elder Bascom walk away we couldn't help but be so proud of him and the work that he is going to be doing! I can't wait to get his first letter and see how his life is changing!
 It's definitely different around the house without him here, but it's a good different. Mom, dad, and I definitely miss him. I was coming home from work the other night not ready to go to bed quite yet, and I thought "I'll just go watch a movie with Ry." Haha then I realized that he was gone. It'll definitely take some time getting used to, but there is no place that I would rather have him be right now. His example is amazing and i can't thank him enough for it!
I know that he would love to hear from you guys! Write him letters! Love you all and thanks for you support!! Love, Brittany

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